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Why Are Murphy Beds are Getting Popular in Singapore?

Updated: Apr 23

Singapore’s population is increasing at an impressive rate. With the growing number of people moving to the city-state annually, housing units are getting occupied fast.

This has prompted apartment owners and homeowners to rent out or sell smaller living spaces to their tenants. Due to limited home space, more Singapore-dwellers are finding ways to maximize their spaces, and Murphy beds are among the top home-living innovations that are growing in popularity.

Advantages of Getting Murphy Beds for Your Home

1. Murphy beds are space-efficient.

One of the major problems with living in a small home is limited space. Because a Murphy bed can be stored vertically upon a wall, it frees up valuable home space so it can be used for other activities during the day.

2. They make home spaces multi-functional.

At night, the space a Murphy bed takes up is used for sleeping. In the morning, once the bed is stored away, it can be used for other purposes such as studying, praying, exercising, and other activities the homeowner is into.

3. They are ideal for work-from-home setups.

Due to the pandemic, many businesses have opted to operate remotely for the safety of their employees. People with murphy beds won’t have to worry about having an unsightly backdrop during video meetings as they can easily store it away.

4. They create a minimalist ambiance.

A bed takes up most of the space in a room because of its size. But when you have a bed that can be stored away when not in use, it gives your home a cleaner ambiance. Murphy beds are best for those looking to achieve a minimalist home space.

5. They are innovative.

Murphy beds may not be a novel idea, but they are still very interesting and innovative. Murphy beds can give any home a modern touch that can enhance its overall ambiance.

The Downside of Murphy Beds

Murphy beds free up so much valuable space in people’s homes, it’s not surprising why they are well-loved in Singapore. However, before getting one, it is important to note that Murphy beds are more expensive than regular beds. If you ever relocate them anywhere in your home or apartment in the future, they can cost you around $300 to $700 depending on their size.

The Verdict

So, are Murphy beds worth the price?

Definitely! Murphy beds may be costly but consider them as a lifetime investment that will enable you to enjoy more of your home space. But, to ensure your investment doesn’t go to waste, trust only reputable Murphy bed suppliers and installers.

Get your Murphy beds for your home from businesses that have already proven their expertise in the field. You can even have your new Murphy bed customized to your liking in terms of material, size, design, and placement.

What to Consider when Shopping for Murphy Beds in Singapore

1. Value for Money

While Murphy beds are famous for saving valuable home space efficiently, they are not known to be cheap. To enjoy major savings and save yourself from the hassle in the long run, choose a Murphy bed that has good value for money. To gauge this, compare the price of the bed to the features it offers. What is its size? What material is it made of? Are all these worth the price?

2. Material

Remember, the bed you’ll be choosing will be the same one you’ll sleep on every night for many years to come. Some Murphy beds look affordable on the surface but the materials they’re made of end up being substandard. To know whether the bed is well-made, ask what type of wood it comes with, the laminate that will be used, and the mechanism's lifespan.

3. Comfort

Everyone requires a different level of comfort. Factors that affect the type of comfort a person needs include age, gender, lifestyle, and preference. Some people prefer tougher foams to give them adequate back support while others simply prefer a softer cushion. The most ideal Murphy bed companies that you should buy from should be able to allow any kind of mattress to be used on it. Some companies sell Murphy beds that can only be used with mattresses exclusively sold by them. Go for sellers whose Murphy beds are compatible with all types of mattresses, even the ones you already have at home, instead.


Why Get Your Murphy Bed from SgMurphyBed?

Sgmurphybed has a wide selection of premium yet super affordable Murphy beds in all of Singapore. The average price for a basic Murphy bed in Singapore is $2,500. In fact, the lowest price most Murphy bed sellers can offer is no less than that.

Sgmurphybed, on the other hand, has a price range of only $1000 to $1,700. But an affordable price is not all that our company can offer. Our Murphy beds are customized to provide you with an unparalleled level of value while addressing your needs at the same time. We tailor our Murphy beds to match your desired size, material, and function such as extra shelves, tables or cabinets. Our Murphy beds can also be used with any type of mattress you have at home or can buy separately from other shops. This is the convenience and flexibility we offer you.

For affordable but reliable Murphy beds, visit our website today.

Murphy beds, unlike regular beds, have to be installed securely on the wall and incorporated into other home furniture to serve its intended purposes. They also have to be extra durable and reliable to avoid accidents when trying to assemble them or store them away. Because of these reasons, Murphy beds are not very cheap. However, they are a great investment if you think long-term because you can enjoy more of your home space while still having a nice comfy bed to sleep on at night.

Murphy beds may be costly, but it’s not necessary to break the bank. Many reputable companies, like Sgmurphybed, sell wall beds for super-steal prices that will never make you regret investing in one.

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