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Designed in Singapore

Sgmurphybed has collaborated with bed specialists to produce high quality, professional mattresses that are cost effective just like our murphy bed.

With countless testing, surveys and comparisons from our customer's and supplier's mattresses, we proudly present Sleep Edition mattress to you.



10 Years Spring Warranty

Our mattresses are certified for low levels of VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions for health and safety purposes.

With 10 years spring warranty, we assure you that our mattresses will last longer than you expect so you can purchase with a peace of mind.


Improved Foam Support

High grade foam were used instead of non-certified cooling memory foam or ice fabrics that are largely replicated for low cost production just to attract buyer's interest.

Did you know that high quality foam are durable and encourages natural spine alignment? 


3-Zone Pocketed Spring 

Enhanced barrel-shaped pocketed springs reduces squeaks and creaks, isolates motion transfer during sleep.

Pressure relief to your shoulder and great support on waise area to align your spine and prevent lower back pain. 

The more zones doesn't mean it is better, watch the video below to know more.

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Mattress Review from Shirley

What is a Pocketed Spring Mattress?

Many companies claim how good a pocketed spring mattress is, but will the mattress be good enough just because it has pocket springs?

Depending on the configuration and composition of the entire mattress, here is an example of how a compressed rolled pocketed spring mattress should NOT be. Soft and weak tensile strength springs, no border/edge support, reduced sleeping area, unsettling feel and bouncy, causes back problems for adults over time

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Jason Tan

I'm an existing customer who bought their murphy bed in 2022, recently they've launched a promo for their new mattress. I'm sleeping on the Pillowtop model for the 3rd day, it is definitely better than what I've expected. I'm a side sleeper and my shoulder is able depress without my waist sinking in together. I guess it is good for my back too!


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