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Murphy Bed Introduction FAQS

Do you want know more about Murphy beds?

Here are some guides to your questions.

Firstly we'll talk about why murphy beds are expensive

Ans : Professional installation ( Murphy bed installation requires assembly of the cabinet box/carcass, trimming and leveling box to the wall, assembly of bed frame mechanism, final adjustment of alignment and mechanism lifting strength ) these steps takes approximately 3 to 4hours by a professional installer and also not forgetting about the delivery charges.

What kind of wood should you be looking at for your cabinetry?

Ans : For safety reasons, you should go for plywood as they are balanced in terms of strength and weight. As murphy beds are mechanical and relies on the wood structure to operate, any water or moisture damage may cause engineered wood panels such as (MDF/Chipboard/Compressed wood) to break and collapse.

Which type of mechanism is better?

Ans : There are many type of mechanism available in the market, light duty vs heavy duty.

A light duty mechanism like "Sgmurphybed" can holds up to 350kg weight limit where other heavy duty mechanism may hold up to 500kg. Depending on your concerns, both have their advantages and disadvantages. Heavy duty bed frames are costly, heavy and requires extremely high power gas springs to lift the bed, in a situation where the gas spring fail it can fall with a weight of at least 120kg and can be fatal.

Types of Cabinetry

Ans : Stock, Custom and built in.

Stock models cannot be customized, they're mostly pre fabricated from factories at a mass quantity and sold all over the world, typically using engineered wood like MDF/Compressed wood for the cabinet.

Custom cabinetry are slightly more expensive as they require manual laminating, CNC and custom fittings. Custom cabinetry allows you to dismantle and reassemble the furniture, just like any furniture you buy from Ikea or furniture shops.

Built in wardrobe with murphy bed is greatly customizable as interior designer and carpenter are involved. It costs the most among all but it comes with perfect finishing regardless of uneven wall or ceiling. Built in wardrobe cannot be dismantled or relocated.

Which kind of Laminate should I choose?

PVC - Pvc is a decorative laminate commonly used for interior of cabinetry. It is low cost and easy to maintain. Pvc laminate does not act as a protective layer for the wood therefore scratches can be easy seen if not taken care of.

Melamine laminate - Melamine laminate are widely used for pre fabricated furniture, they are pressed together with the wood panel at a mass quantity, creating a lower cost in production. Such laminates are slightly more durable as it has a layer of lacquer coating but, it does not have much texture or designs. High pressure laminate (HPL) aka formica - These laminates are specially designed and created to mimic real texture of real wood, pressed at a very high pressure creating a very hard surface for commercial use


Sgmurphybed uses high quality HPL laminate on both sides of a panel (inside out), unlike carpenters who only uses HPL laminates on the outside/front of a build-in cabinetry but charging much more than us.

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